Quality is the Name…

Quality is the Name of the Game

Looking in the mirror today, I can see the last hints of what used to be a very apparent sun glass tan. I try to bring my Oakleys with me everywhere I go, and it has kind of become my “look.” I don’t wear them for the brand popularity, or for the insanely talented surfing team that Oakley has assembled. I wear them because I understand the hand made frame technology behind them. I wear them for the ridiculously tough materials that withstand my daily carelessness. And I wear them because they have the best lens in the game, hands down. After years of switching from Flak Jackets to Half Jackets, and then to the Five squared……I have finally landed on the Holbrook. The pair that I own are polarized, with a grey lens and a matte black finish. I like that the lenses are coated in a layer of iridium, making it impossible to see my eyes through them. All told, they’ve got a throwback style, reminiscent of the big wave surfers of the North Shore and Mavericks, but at the same time they provide updated technologies that protect me from the sun’s rays.

I apologize if this came across as a plug for the Oakley brand. It was not. Recently I was asked which sunglasses I wear and why, and wanted to answer the question in the easiest way possible. Here at Kona we carry a ton of popular brands, each of which have their own positive qualities. I try to cover all of my bases when buying sunglasses for the shop, making sure we’ve got everything from the $10 “weekend warrior” shades up to the pristine and often imitated Oakley M Frames. We now carry youth-sized frames for the tiny groms, and whole display cases of female specific shades and accessories!

A follow up question that I usually answer a few times a year is: “But why would I spend all that money on a pair in the glass case when I can just get one of these pairs for ten bucks??” Well sir, you are logical in your thought process. You can easily purchase the pair in your hands with the sprayed on polarization. Although flimsy and machine made, they will get the job done if you are just looking for something to wear on the boardwalk for your vacation. But if you are serious about protecting your eyes and care about quality, you’re going to have to look somewhere else in the shop.

We offer stylish top-quality hand made acetate frames by Raen, and Ray-Ban. We’ve got water sport specific styles by Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim. We’ve EVEN got the best snow goggles in the game, by Dragon Alliance and Electric Visual! With an ozone layer that is depleting every day, we should never leave our houses without sunscreen and UV eye wear protection. Take some time to check out the huge selection on Konasports.com today! And if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them my way, as well.

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