Month: October 2018

The Ocean Is Never Lacking Our Surfboards Shouldn’t Either



To anyone who has spent time watching the ebb and flow of tides over days, weeks, hurricane seasons, or cycles of the moon the statement “the ocean is a dynamic environment” is intuitive. The adjective dynamic a system characterized by constant change, activity, and progress.

                  The ocean is never lacking in movement, action, or change, uninteresting –or static. Surfers recognize the truth in this claim intimately. There is a yin / yang element to standing up on a surfboard, catching a wave, and riding it into shore. Let us not forget, the surfboard was a technological innovation made with the purpose of allowing humans to harness the ancient and mysterious power of the ocean in an effort ride a wave from point break into the shore. It took years for the original board makers to master their craft to achieve proper buoyancy, directional stability, traction, and control. For surfers, it was paramount to find experienced board shapers who could create a board to meet their individual needs and surfing styles.  For this reason, surfers ended up with such conventions as long boards, short boards, hard rails soft rails, single to multi-fin boards, and an array of tail shapes. Each was invented, tried, and implemented with specific mods best adapted to the unique and ever changing conditions of the ocean.

              With every adaptation there are tradeoffs involved. Our goal here at Kona Board House is to give the rider complete control over the design process in order to create the “Magic Board.” Here at Kona we have invested in the APS 3000 surfboard shaping machine, 1 of only 25 in the USA. Nearly all the top professionals of 2018 are surfing machine shaped boards due to the level of accuracy and precision of the CNC cutting process.

For those who aren’t as technically inclined, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This means that professional and amateur surfers alike will be able to design their boards in 3D with control over every variable including board length, rail hardness, tail shape, number of fins, type of resin, and board color. What you see is exactly what you get and people really like that nothing is being hidden from them. The creative power is placed in the customers hands and the Kona team is here for guidance, making expert recommendations, and providing the technical support necessary to strengthen the surfing community with a 100% user friendly custom board service. Kona believes this mentality will make the surfing community more knowledgeable, confident, and innovative. Start today, build your own: