The Creation of the Oyster Catcher

The Oyster Catcher was inspired by Cape May local and Kona shaper, Mike Owen. Owen was able to put a unique twist on a Groveler, while keeping the outline of a funboard. He envisioned a round nose with a wing tail, a tucked nose that adds performance to the cruiser while allowing optimum control and speed.

The first Oyster Catcher groveler board

The name Oyster Catcher comes from Cape May County’s local bird: The American Oystercatcher. The Oystercatcher is a boldly colored shorebird that is recognizable from it’s red and yellow eyes and bill. You can find this little guy by the shore searching year round for clams, oysters, and saltwater molluscs. If your out trying to locate an Oystercatcher, be sure to check the beach when it’s low-tide. As the tide begins to fall, the ocean exposes their prey which gather the birds to a productive feeding ground. Because how the bird has eye popping looks and fascinating facts, we pay tribute to Owen’s design by giving this board the Oyster Catcher name.

The American Oystercatcher

A unique Groveler with a twist! The Oyster Catcher is a funboard that has transformed into a wave catching machine under 6 ft. The rounded nose is our exclusive design and allows the rider to reach peak speed. This mid entry rocker has enough flip in the nose and tail for those later take offs. The Oyster Catcher is designed with 60/40 rails and adds a bit of looseness to wider rounder shapes. This allows the rider to roll the board up on the rail for a smooth transition in cleaner, steeper waves. The bottom contour gives you plenty of lift with a single concave to double concave flowing out the back. Plus 5 fins to give you endless fin combinations!


Length Width Thickness Volume
5ft 8in 20in 2.7in 34.14L
5ft 10inin 20.6in 2.9in 37.24L
6ft 2inin 21.8in 2.9in 43.46L
6ft 6in 22.5in 3in 49.90L

On November 12th, 2019, a day with brutal temps at 30 degrees and snow, our team rider Nick Ceccoli grabbed his wetsuit and headed off to test out the new board. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Q: How was the board?
A: The Oyster Catcher was…. a blast!

Q: How was your ride?
A: Paddling into the waves were super easy because there was little effort of doing it, but it still had tons of performance to it. I was surprised how the rails held throughout tight turns in the pocket with that single to double concave to help get more rail to rail transition.

Q: Was it difficult to build up the momentum on the Oyster Catcher?
A: Actually, no. The best part about this board is that my shoulders are not killing me! This board helped me extend my session and wave count at the same time, so I was catching waves left and right.

Q: Let’s say I’ve been surfing for 2 years now, would you recommend this board to me at my skill level?
A: I would definitely recommend this board for any rider of any skill level! I would say it’s perfect for any experienced surfer to increase wave count and stoke!

Nick riding his first wave on the Oyster Catcher

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