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CNC Surfboard Design and Shaping Services

Kona Surf Company offers a unique CNC Surfboard Design and Shaping Service using the industry's latest and most efficient shaping machinery, the APS3000. Cuts are typically finished within 2 weeks and can be picked up at the Kona Board house in Wildwood, NJ. Our shaping service in second-to-none, it gives a perfect surface finish with flush stringers, fully rounded rail and beautiful flowing curves. If your are looking to build your own surfboard from scratch we can help. We supply you with the blank and can help you create your file in Shape 3D in no time. The APS3000 is by far the best surfboard shaping machine in the world that has been designed for extreme industrial use with its robust controller technology and strong motors. Most of the top professionals in 2018 are surfing machine shaped boards because of how accurate and precise the CNC cutting process is.

For those who aren’t as technically inclined, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This means that any surfer can design their boards in 3D with control over every aspect including length, shape, rails, and fin setup. The creative power is placed in the customer's hands and you get exactly what you see. The Kona team is here for guidance with recommendations, and will provide the technical support needed to help the surfing community with a great user friendly custom board service. Kona believes this will make the surfing community more knowledgeable, confident, and innovative. Start today, build your own! https://www.konasurfco.com/custom-surfboards or contact a shaper below.

CNC Pricing

*Pricing does not include the cost of the blank
Shortboard & Longboard Shaping Up to 6'0" 6'1" to 7'0" 7'1" to 8'0" 8'1" to 10'0" 10'1" to 11'5"
Polyurethane (PU) Blanks $35 $40 $50 $60 $70
Shape3D Design $50/hr  

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