There’s a Storm a Brewing

Is it weird that I could sit and watch the weather channel all day? I have a feeling that I’m not the only weather nut on this planet. After all, they have a television channel dedicated to it, and the app is constantly running on my phone. The weather is one thing that as humans, we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Luckily, I work in an industry that helps protect people from the elements, and is some cases, lets them take advantage of inclement weather.

I’m writing this blog, and at the same time tracking Hurricane Sandy. It’s probably one of the last hurricanes that we will see this season here on the east coast. But this is absolutely no reason to take her lightly. This mama is BIG, and shes already got an attitude. east coast dwellers from Florida to Cape Cod are strong advised to watch this storm, as it could bring detrimental effects to all of us, depending on when it decides to hook into shore. As a surfer, I pray that the storm hooks out into the ocean around Ocean City Maryland. This would provide the southern hurricane swell that the Jersey beaches love to take on the chin. Big, clean periodic sets without all the messy wind, rain and destruction that we’ve come to know so well here in NJ. Different forecasts show the storm taking a few classic patterns, one of which includes slamming directly into us as a category 4 out of 5. Hurricane Katrina was a category 4 Hurricane.

When gearing up for storm swell, there are a few different things to consider. First off, the huge amounts of cold deep ocean water will be pushed out from the Atlantic and strait to shore, so it’s imperative that you’ve got a suit that can handle the sharp decrease in temperature. I recommend the Psycho 1 Zen 4/3mm Mens Wetsuit. The thick techno butter neoprene will keep you warm for an extended stay out in the water, while never constricting your muscle movement. The liquid taped seams won’t leak, and you’ll be able to last longer out there than most of the other guys. Next, you’ll need a board that can paddle through the crap if the wind makes it messy, but can also lock in on possible barrel rides if the swell cleans up. Yes, we get barreled here in NJ. Deal with it. I’d grab Kolohe Andino’s board, the Mini Driver by Lost. Short and stubby yet super quick down the line, this board got him through some massive surf in Indo, and would work just the same on some east coast bombs. Finally, we have to remember that it is almost November, and the temp is dropping every day. Be prepared for the harsh wind and rain with a Patagonia Torrent Shell. This jacket changed the game when it was released into the market almost ten years ago, and has been crushing it ever since. Amazingly lightweight with 100% wind blockage, AND its DWR coated, so you wont be getting wet when you’re simultaneously being blasted by sideways rain.

So yes, you can say that I am frothing at the mouth for what kind of surf that this storm could bring. Lets all hope that it hooks out to sea, so I don’t have to board up the windows of my shop again. Either way, people may think that only the summer is for surfing on the east coast. But no, no, no…. the FALL is when hurricanes hit, and the fall is when the locals have their fun.

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