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Accepted Payments

  • Visa
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Sales Tax/Duties

A 7% sales tax will only be added to applicable products on sales in the state of New Jersey. Orders with billing and shipping addresses outside of New Jersey are non taxable. We are not responsible for duties placed on shipments outside the United States by customs.

Cancelling or Changing Orders

After you have placed an order with us and realize you would like to change or cancel the order, please call us at 1-866-858-5864. We will do our best to make the changes right away.

Note: Most orders do ship the same day, so please contact us with changes as soon as possible.

Credit Cards

Upon placing an order on our site, the system will immediately "authorize" your credit card for the purchase amount. While some credit card statements will show this as a charge right away, this authorization is not an actual charge. The amount will remain pending capture while we verify product availability and prepare your order for shipment. Once the shipment is ready and the transaction is approved by our fraud department the order will be charged and shipped. No credit card will be charged before your product is shipped.

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