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Green, Eco-Friendly, Locally Designed – Kona Surf Co. Explains the Art of Screen Printing




Wildwood – Green, eco-friendly, and made right here in Wildwood, NJ at Kona Surf Company HQ, our team continues to design and print clothing palpable and reflective of the greater-tristate area surfing community. Every t-shirt, sweatshirt, and other articles of clothing are designed in-house by our skillful graphic designer, Kristen Eaton, ink mixed by our screen printer, screen printed at the Kona Board House utilizing eco-friendly water based ink, and dried at 560 degrees in an electric heater. Each article of clothing is later heat pressed with a Kona clothing tag acknowledging the efforts put forth by our team to personally design, and screen print that clothing right here in Wildwood, NJ.


Made popular during the Andy Warhol era, silk screen printing has been a technique utilized as early as the late 1970s by Kona Surf Company for designing clothing, and we continue to keep the process alive behind the “screens”. “We work hard every day to bring our customers and followers popular designs and clothing that they can wear every day,” said Chris Sciarra, partner and Owner of Kona Surf Co. “Our

 designs continue to cater and relate to the lives of our most valued surfing community here in Cape May County and Southern New Jersey,” said owner and founder, Mike Sciarra…“and we will continue to put out designs that express everything it means to be a cold-water surfer here in New Jersey,” said Mike.



Visit our Flagship Store or Kona Board House today to purchase some of our latest designs, such as: Night Sky (Whale Tail Design), The Essentials, Hippie Soul, and Follow the Waves. Flagship Store Hours are as follows: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and our Board House is open for all your shopping needs Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.




– Ron Simone

The Ocean Is Never Lacking Our Surfboards Shouldn’t Either



To anyone who has spent time watching the ebb and flow of tides over days, weeks, hurricane seasons, or cycles of the moon the statement “the ocean is a dynamic environment” is intuitive. The adjective dynamic a system characterized by constant change, activity, and progress.

                  The ocean is never lacking in movement, action, or change, uninteresting –or static. Surfers recognize the truth in this claim intimately. There is a yin / yang element to standing up on a surfboard, catching a wave, and riding it into shore. Let us not forget, the surfboard was a technological innovation made with the purpose of allowing humans to harness the ancient and mysterious power of the ocean in an effort ride a wave from point break into the shore. It took years for the original board makers to master their craft to achieve proper buoyancy, directional stability, traction, and control. For surfers, it was paramount to find experienced board shapers who could create a board to meet their individual needs and surfing styles.  For this reason, surfers ended up with such conventions as long boards, short boards, hard rails soft rails, single to multi-fin boards, and an array of tail shapes. Each was invented, tried, and implemented with specific mods best adapted to the unique and ever changing conditions of the ocean.

              With every adaptation there are tradeoffs involved. Our goal here at Kona Board House is to give the rider complete control over the design process in order to create the “Magic Board.” Here at Kona we have invested in the APS 3000 surfboard shaping machine, 1 of only 25 in the USA. Nearly all the top professionals of 2018 are surfing machine shaped boards due to the level of accuracy and precision of the CNC cutting process.

For those who aren’t as technically inclined, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This means that professional and amateur surfers alike will be able to design their boards in 3D with control over every variable including board length, rail hardness, tail shape, number of fins, type of resin, and board color. What you see is exactly what you get and people really like that nothing is being hidden from them. The creative power is placed in the customers hands and the Kona team is here for guidance, making expert recommendations, and providing the technical support necessary to strengthen the surfing community with a 100% user friendly custom board service. Kona believes this mentality will make the surfing community more knowledgeable, confident, and innovative. Start today, build your own:

The Charlie Butler Memorial “Storm the Surf”

Wildwood – Stoke is an indescribable feeling only experienced when surfing or in the watera mixture of excitement and the purest of happiness, most surfers would compare it to utter bliss. Kona Surf Company is honored to continue to bring Stoke to our disabled veterans, by again, providing equipment and manpower to support the 4th Annual Charlie Butler Memorial “Storm the Surf” in Wildwood, NJ. For the 2nd year in a row, since they moved the event to Wildwood, on August 18, 2018, Kona Surf Company, Wildwood First Responders, and the Surftopia made surfing a reality for disabled U.S. Military Veterans on the Wildwood Beach at Burke Avenue.

Open to all current and past military and their families, this event provides a variety of beach activities, including adaptive surfing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and other ocean sports geared towards inspiring Stoke, and helping our United States Military Veterans cope with the physical & emotional challenges that they face in everyday life. This event is also open to non-military who are physically and emotionally challenged adults and children.

“We are very grateful to be able to provide the necessities and equipment to host this event in such a safe environment, such as Wildwood’s Surfing Beach, with the help of highly qualified first emergency responders and volunteers,” said Kona Surf Company Partner and Owner, Chris Sciarra. “I speak for all of Kona Surf Company in saying how much we appreciate the hard work that George Rague and the entire Charlie Butler Memorial staff has done to bring surfing to a reality for these U.S. Military Disabled Veterans, and we are a proud sponsor and partner now and for years to come,” said Sciarra.

-written by Ron Simone

Shaping machine brings new wave of surfing to Wildwood

WILDWOOD — For decades, local surfers have relied on the artistry and creativity of legendary shapers such as Sea Isle City’s Brian Heritage, Cape May’s Steve “Hag” Piacentine, Wildwood Crest’s Mike Sciarra and Egg Harbor Township’s Brian Wynn for their boards.

Now there’s a new wave in the surfboard industry.

Sciarra and his son Chris, owners of Kona Surf Co. in Wildwood, are now using an Australian shaping machine called the APS3000 to make their surf boards and standup paddleboards.

Surfing Magazine dubbed it, “The Holy Grail of Surfboard Machines.”

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for hand shapers,” APS3000 inventor Miki Langenbach said. “But times have changed. I’ve taken the hand shaper out of the dust and into the office. And I’ve yet to find a hand shaper who isn’t happy about it.”

Mike Sciarra, 68, has been building surfboards since the late 1960s, when he and an old college friend built 35 boards in his garage on Nashville Avenue in Wildwood Crest.

In recent years, Mike and Chris had been using state-of-the-art computer software, the “Shape 3D” system to designed their boards, but had been sending those designs to Australia and California to be made.

Now they will do it themselves at Kona’s board shop on Rio Grande Avenue in Wildwood.

After watching Wildwood’s Fourth of July fireworks display Wednesday, the Sciarras joined Langenbach at the Kona Board Shop and excitedly watched as the first board was created Thursday. It took 22 minutes.

Their new shaping machine, which the Sciarras purchased for $35,000, is one of only 25 in the United States and 150 worldwide.

Besides surf boards, the machine will be making standup paddleboards. Due to space limitations, however, SUPs will have a maximum length of 12 feet.

“It’s about giving people a great experience,” Brian Sciarra said. “They will be involved in the whole process when it comes to making their board.”

Langenbach, who now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia, came up with the idea for a shaping machine in the mid-1980s while building sailboards. He created a template for surfboards in the early 1990s and built a machine called a “pentagraph” that was extremely successful.

“It printed money,” Langenbach said with a laugh.

The current vision first took hold 20 years ago.

Langenbach, who has a background in engineering and mathematics, had reached a stalemate in his plans for a shaping machine when he suddenly got the idea to use a disc to do the cutting.

“It’s much more accurate and much faster than hand shaping,” he said. “Ideally, you should be able to make three or four boards per hour. But a hand shaper still has a vital role in this. The machine is still just a tool. The board is still only as good as the person designing it. Hand shapers are artists. It’s just now they will be designing boards with a computer.”

Top surfers have flocked to machine-made boards, according to Langenbach. He estimated that “90 percent” of the top competitors in the world, including 2016-17 World Surf League Men’s Champion John John Florence, ride on boards produced by the APS3000.

Click Here To Watch Now

The Sciarras are hoping to make a similar impact on the local level.

“This is going to be open to everybody,” Mike Sciarra said. “It’s not about the Kona brand. If Brian Heritage and Brian Wynn want to come and use the machine, I’m all for that. The more, the merrier. This is all about progress and bringing the advancements to the New Jersey and South Jersey surfing communities.”

3rd Annual Kona Board Swap

Bored of Your Board? Kona Surf Company’s Board-Swap Event is Here for You!

Wildwood – It’s that time of the year again, when wetsuits are near shed, and you probably need a little bit more float to address those summer flat-spells. Have some of your older boards started to collect dust in the garage? Don’t let those old sticks in your quiver just sit there, and mark your calendars for this year’s Board-Swap Event at Kona Surf Company! From skateboards to surfboards, trade it in something old, for something new or used!

This year’s 3rd Annual Board-Swap Event is unlike any other. Through the addition of new equipment and designs, Kona Surf Company has created a “Mecca” for Surfboard manufacturing in the State of New Jersey. The APS-3000 (Gen.5 Machine) – Kona’s new state-of-the-art board-shaping machine, will make its debut on July 1st at Kona Surf Company HQ for this year’s Board-Swap Event. We will be running demos of the machine for the event duration.

Art, Music, Giveaways and surf culture unite on Sunday, July 1st, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Kona Board House, 160 W Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260. Men and Women in the surfing and skating community can bring a surfboard, longboard or skateboard over to the shop to be traded with other boards on display for the same intended purpose. At the event, attendees will enjoy live music by Stellar Mojo, giveaways, live painting, board-shaping demos, and store-wide sales on clothing, surfboards, and equipment. No limit on the amount of boards you can bring, and no limit on the amount of trades you can make. No fees are required, but we only ask that you Follow the Waves over to the Board House, and bring your stoke!

“We are stoked to have the APS-3000 here for this year’s Board-Swap,” said Chris Sciarra, partner owner of Kona Surf Company. “It has been a long wait and a lot of hard work, but I believe we are currently witnessing some game changing events here at Kona HQ, and I personally am excited to showcase some of these changes at this year’s Board-Swap,” said Chris.

For more information on the Kona Board-Swap Event, please contact Kona Board House at (609) 522-7899.

-written by Ron Simone

Creating an interactive experience at the Kona Surf Company



Kona Flagship Location

What once started as a couple blanks, cloth, and a bucket of glassing in a Wildwood garage during the late 60s, 50 years later it has evolved into one of the upcoming Surf Companies in the State, with two separate locations in the Heart of Wildwood. Upgrades to facilities continue to yield progress and open up new doorways to the future as the past 5 years have proven to be a very exciting time for Kona Surf Company. Investments in new equipment and materials have netted an increase in clothing production, which means countless styles and new designs for our surfing community! Our 10,000 ft. Flagship Store has been our stage for these clothing and apparel improvements. All clothing related production – silk screen press, screen printing and embroidery are all custom crafted at Kona Surf Company, the headquarters in Wildwood, NJ, printed in the USA. We make our products for our community, the surfing community. Our marketing team works hard every day to come up with new designs that cater to our local surfers. Through the use of local photography, our natural landscape, and of course, great surfing, the designs are endless and we look forward to bringing these innovative products and designs to our customers.

Board House Location

Through the new design and reconfiguration of our Board House location, Kona Surf Company has made room for greater quantities of higher quality products. Whether it is a customary fin setup with wood-inlay, a twin-fin retro fish, a SUP, or Log with your preferred rocker and concave, all of our products can be catered to your needs and preference. You give us the dimensions you want, and we will make it happen! Not sure what you want? Select from any of our signature shapes and designs, including (but not limited to): the “Hyper Mike”, the “Owen”, the “Goodman”, “Twinner”, “Summertime”; and more…

Our 5000 ft retail space includes a brand new board shaping machine dubbed, the APS-3000 (Gen.5 Machine), and a fully customized shaping room. The APS-3000 allows Kona Surf Co. to virtually shape any blank to any dimension, seamlessly and without error, cutting down on the production time to get your surfboard to you at a faster rate.

The Kona Board House is a direct call back to Mike’s original days of hand- shaping boards for his buddies around the world. We have taken that same spirit to create the first surf shop in the state to bring this technological innovation to a brick and mortar location in New Jersey.

About Us:

Enjoying the ocean since 1969, Kona Surf is the “brainchild” of company founder and owner, Mike Sciarra. A brand driven by innovations and designs consistent with the Southern New Jersey landscape, Kona Surf Company strives to be a life-style brand that caters to the lifestyles of our local surfing community. Kona Surf Company always strives to be the best. Daily, our team of like-minded creators and innovators that work together toward the same common goal of improving our products and designs to the needs of our customers. Kona Surf Company’s most recent investments in the future have increased production and created more opportunities for employment in a place where most jobs are only available during the summer months.

The new Kona Surf Company mission is to create a interactive experience for anyone who walks into our retail locations. Whether its in the Board House to create a custom surfboard or in our Flagship location to get a custom embroidery hat, we want to set a new standard for surfboards, clothing and apparel manufactured on the New Jersey Coast. Through our contagious integrity to making the best products, Mike Sciarra’s goal is to inspire future generations to dream big and Follow The Waves to wherever it takes you…

Kona Team Rider Jack Hendee Gives Back During a Semester Abroad in Costa Rica


With an estimated population of 4.9 million people, tropical climates, rainforests, beautiful beaches, perfect waves, and hundreds upon thousands of eco-tourism destinations, there’s no doubt that the Republic of Costa Rica is a country rich in culture and history with inhabitants recorded as early 10,000 – 7,000 BCE. Some refer to the Republic as, “one of the most spiritual places in the world.” Jack Hendee, Kona Surf Company Team Rider and Wildwood Catholic Senior I’m sure can attest to those words, as he is lucky enough to be progressing his surfing skills abroad this semester in Costa Rica, surfing some of the best breaks in the world along the Guanacaste Province and beyond.
Hendee, a standout surfer from Cape May County who calls Avalon, NJ his home break, has recorded top performances in the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association), the NSSA High School Surfing Championships, numerous private contests, and even surfing in a WSL (World Surf League) sanctioned professional event in 2016 – the Soup Bowl Pro Junior. Needless to say with Jack’s skills and abilities, he is obviously enjoying himself down there. However, Jack Hendee with assistance from Kona Surf Company had other plans than just surfing this semester. With Kona Surf Company’s assistance, Jack brought with him abroad boxes of clothes and surfer supplies to assist the younger local groms from the central America country most in need.
“Surfing cost money, whether it’s the wetsuit, rash-guard, board, board-repair, fin setup, track-pad, leash – the list can go on and on, and Kona Surf Co. and I recognize that these items can been costly and not readily available, especially in a foreign country,” said Kona Surf Company owner Mike Sciarra. “That’s why when Jack came to us with the idea of bringing supplies down for the less fortunate, we pounced on the idea,” said Chris Sciarra, Kona Surf Company partner and owner.
Want to follow Jack Hendee on his journey? Follow him on Instagram @jackhendee. For pictures of Jack from his 2018 Costa Rica Trip, please see below:

Ron Simone 

Upgrades to Kona Surf Company

Wildwood – With a new CNC board making machine on the way, fin bar, countless handcrafted products, facility upgrades, and in-house clothing designs on the shelves, Kona Surf Company continues to expand at a record breaking rate, far exceeding expectations of what a local Surf Shop from the State of New Jersey can domestically accomplish. Now with vendors selling Kona Surf Company boards as far North as Canada, it begs the question, “What’s next for this local surf shop that once upon a time started in a garage in Wildwood?” According to Kona Surf Company Founder and Owner, Mike Sciarra, “We will not stop until Kona Surf Company is a household name in the surfing community not just on the east coast, but world-wide.” With bold management strategies, marketing and in-house manufacturing, Kona Surf Company has been taking risks in hopes of having multiple retailers selling their products along the east coast by 2019. “Our goal overall is to offer the best products in the business, and we do so by getting honest feedback by our local surfers,” said Chris Sciarra, owning partner and Mike’s son who has been handling a majority of the renovations and day-to-day operations. “We will continue to provide products that cater to our customers, and by bringing a good portion of our manufacturing in-house, it gives us (Kona Surf Co.) the ability to create our own products with our own personal flair and have a strong USA footprint,” said Chris.

Kona Surf Company continues to bring industry and jobs back to the Wildwoods, and with a majority of the manufacturing being brought in-house, more job opportunities will be made available in the near future. Kona Surf Company recently partnered with pro-baseball player Matt Szczur and his charity Szcz the Day, a charity that helps link willing bone marrow donors with terminally ill. On January 27th, 2018 Kona donated a paddleboard to the foundation that was sold on silent auction at a Szcz the Day Benefit held at Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ. Kona continues to be a steeple in the Greater Wildwoods community, and their charitable donations to organizations such as the Szcz the Day Foundation, North Wildwood Kids Christmas Party, and the Veterans of War surfing event, proves that Kona Surf Co. is doing more than just turning a profit.

“Wildwood is who we are, it’s where we’re from, and without the town, the beach and the waves they bring, we are nothing,” said Mike Sciarra.

Written by Ron Simone


“You can only do so much in baseball—throw the ball so far, hit the ball so hard. To be able to make a difference in not only your life, but in someone else’s life and the family’s, is huge, and that’s my greatest accomplishment so far.”

-Matt Szczur

When “Szcz the Day” first came into fruition, it was not an idea developed overnight. Instead, it was an idea both cherished and cultivated by Matt since 2010, when he risked his professional football and/or baseball career to undergo extensive physical preparation in order to donate his bone marrow to an 18-month old Ukrainian baby fighting for her life.

Presented with the opportunity to potentially save the baby’s life, possibly being her last chance for life, Matt did not think twice about the decision. It was never just a consideration for him, although he never understood how it could have been just that to others. He was determined to do whatever he needed to help her, and his career beyond his donation was an improbable outcome he was willing to take.

Not only was the bone marrow transplant successful, but the healthy Ukrainian baby grew into a healthy, 8-year-old girl who enjoyed karate classes and reading books at her princess desk in her bedroom.

Watching young Anastasia grow, being forever connected to her family in an unbreakable bond was the driving force behind Matt’s motivation to keep “Szcz-ing the Day.”

To “Szcz the Day,” in an ironic play on words, means to conquer the day. To Matt, conquering the day means making the little things count, like waking up early for a sunrise, slowing down to admire a sunset. Spending time with family, helping friends. Donating your time, chasing your dreams and following your passions. Because life is all about little moments of happiness strung together to make up big moments, and for how long another day will be granted to us is an unknown.

Matt is proud to announce the launch of the Matthew Szczur “Szcz the Day” Foundation, where proceeds give back to the Be the Match organization and those suffering from bone cancer and also to others in need.

He will be working closely with Kona Surf Company, who has generously offered to support and embody his mission by selling official “Szcz the Day” t-shirts. These t-shirts represent the chance for someone diagnosed with blood cancer to watch another sunrise, admire another sunset. They represent the chance to follow the waves, the chance to Szcz the Day. Because “following the waves” is “Szcz-ing the Day.”

To purchase your own Szcz The Day t-shirt, click here.

Kona Surf Co. Creates a First of its Kind ‘Board Factory’ on the East Coast.

Kona Surf Company has been gradually expanding over the past decade by manufacturing a majority of their products in-house, from clothing and accessories, to now surfboards, SUPs and watersport related equipment, all are being (or will be) produced in Wildwood, NJ, United States of America. Their new and most recent addition will be the installation of a machine dubbed, the ‘APS-3000’ (Gen5 Machine), a 3-D custom surfboard shaping device that can bring an idea for a surfboard to life within seconds. Kona Surf Company is not new to the technology, as they utilized the services of the ‘APS-3000’ (Gen5 Machine) before, prior to the purchase and anticipated installation of the machine at their headquarters, scheduled for the Spring of 2018.

The APS 3000 provides cutting services as well as design & shaping, which significantly expedites the production of surfboards for manufacturers like Super Brand, Channel Islands and Lost, now, Kona Surf Company. For further information on the new addition, please visit the following links:

Click Here To Watch The Video

Click Here To Check Out The APS 3000

“This machine is changing the way surfboards are made by eliminating the element of human error,” said Kona Surf Company owner and surfer, Mike Sciarra. “The time that it would take to shape one surfboard, can now be utilized to make twenty surfboards. You can see now why a majority of the major surfboard shaping brands are utilizing these technologies. It’s not only to match supply with demand, but to also customize the shapes of our boards, to the needs of our surfers, and we can do so now upon request” said Sciarra.