Month: May 2018

Creating an interactive experience at the Kona Surf Company



Kona Flagship Location

What once started as a couple blanks, cloth, and a bucket of glassing in a Wildwood garage during the late 60s, 50 years later it has evolved into one of the upcoming Surf Companies in the State, with two separate locations in the Heart of Wildwood. Upgrades to facilities continue to yield progress and open up new doorways to the future as the past 5 years have proven to be a very exciting time for Kona Surf Company. Investments in new equipment and materials have netted an increase in clothing production, which means countless styles and new designs for our surfing community! Our 10,000 ft. Flagship Store has been our stage for these clothing and apparel improvements. All clothing related production – silk screen press, screen printing and embroidery are all custom crafted at Kona Surf Company, the headquarters in Wildwood, NJ, printed in the USA. We make our products for our community, the surfing community. Our marketing team works hard every day to come up with new designs that cater to our local surfers. Through the use of local photography, our natural landscape, and of course, great surfing, the designs are endless and we look forward to bringing these innovative products and designs to our customers.

Board House Location

Through the new design and reconfiguration of our Board House location, Kona Surf Company has made room for greater quantities of higher quality products. Whether it is a customary fin setup with wood-inlay, a twin-fin retro fish, a SUP, or Log with your preferred rocker and concave, all of our products can be catered to your needs and preference. You give us the dimensions you want, and we will make it happen! Not sure what you want? Select from any of our signature shapes and designs, including (but not limited to): the “Hyper Mike”, the “Owen”, the “Goodman”, “Twinner”, “Summertime”; and more…

Our 5000 ft retail space includes a brand new board shaping machine dubbed, the APS-3000 (Gen.5 Machine), and a fully customized shaping room. The APS-3000 allows Kona Surf Co. to virtually shape any blank to any dimension, seamlessly and without error, cutting down on the production time to get your surfboard to you at a faster rate.

The Kona Board House is a direct call back to Mike’s original days of hand- shaping boards for his buddies around the world. We have taken that same spirit to create the first surf shop in the state to bring this technological innovation to a brick and mortar location in New Jersey.

About Us:

Enjoying the ocean since 1969, Kona Surf is the “brainchild” of company founder and owner, Mike Sciarra. A brand driven by innovations and designs consistent with the Southern New Jersey landscape, Kona Surf Company strives to be a life-style brand that caters to the lifestyles of our local surfing community. Kona Surf Company always strives to be the best. Daily, our team of like-minded creators and innovators that work together toward the same common goal of improving our products and designs to the needs of our customers. Kona Surf Company’s most recent investments in the future have increased production and created more opportunities for employment in a place where most jobs are only available during the summer months.

The new Kona Surf Company mission is to create a interactive experience for anyone who walks into our retail locations. Whether its in the Board House to create a custom surfboard or in our Flagship location to get a custom embroidery hat, we want to set a new standard for surfboards, clothing and apparel manufactured on the New Jersey Coast. Through our contagious integrity to making the best products, Mike Sciarra’s goal is to inspire future generations to dream big and Follow The Waves to wherever it takes you…