Month: February 2016

Introducing the Kona Surf Company

Introducing the Kona Surf Company

I will say one thing: Launching a website has been one of the hardest things that I have ever done.

Yes, has been around for almost ten years, but this is different. This is something special.

Despite our efforts, Mother Nature has not been easy on us here in New Jersey. We’ve seen more than our fair share of storms, floods, power outages and blizzards in the last 2 years. But that has not stopped us from shedding our cocoon much like caterpillar, to turn into the Kona Surf Company that you see before you today. We’ve been working hard not only on our social media presence (which is so crucial) but also on our product set, upping the quality to a level that is able to stand next to any of the main surf brands in the arena. The goal over the last 2 years has been this: To tell the Kona story, and breathe new life into the legacy that we as a company have built. Simply put, we plan on letting our brand new product offering speak for itself. Soft tri-blend shirts. Strong carbon fiber SUP paddles. On trend snap-back hats and beanies. And most of all, surfboards and stand up paddle boards that we are very proud to call our own.

Coming May 2016, we will be unveiling a full range of performance oriented short boards with shapes that make sense both for our New Jersey waves, and also bigger waves abroad. These will come in both PU and epoxy make ups, with a variety of fin box choices for you to make the call. Our fun boards and long boards will be accessible to everyone from the eager novice to the more experienced nose-rider and feature graphics and paint jobs that will make anyone look twice. And finally, our SUP range is something that we are very proud of, as we all know this category is taking the world (both coastal and in-land areas) by storm. If you haven’t been out for a paddle yet, or are somewhat intimidated by the equipment or the open water, I can assure you that it is not only a breeze to pick up, but also a great workout to boot.

I will leave you with one closing statement before letting you explore the brand new website, which has been a labor of love to say the least: Come check out the brand new Kona Surf Company, both in-store and online. You are going to love what you see. We as a team are very confident that you will be blown away by the advances that we’ve made in all aspects of the business. Everything from product quality to community outreach, store-layout to customer service has been escalated, as we shed the “mom & pop” surf-shop mentality, and become the brand new Kona Surf Company.

See you out in the water