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Mike Sciarra & His Vision

DSC_0626If you are like me, designs are very important when surfboards and skateboards are involved. Size, rails, thickness, shapes and materials  give you a variety of choices to fit your surfing style, thankfully Mike Sciarra has a gift for designing boards that suit our needs. Since Mike first opened his surf shop in 1969, Mike has concentrated on designs that work ranging from surfboards to apparel.

Kona is looking to the past for inspiration. With the resurgence of apparel, surfboard, and skateboard designs that once stocked the shelves of Kona, are being given a new life and a modern update through Mike Sciarras’ team. By having the most up-to-date equipment and materials Kona is bringing back the past, exciting everyone that has shopped with the company for the past decades. Kona is giving the youths of today the benefit of experiencing the designs that worked for surfers in the 70’s.  The surfing and skateboarding community have always helped out with their feedback. Mike observes,  listens, &  tests.  This is why the Kona brand is popular and lasted so long. Today, Kona surf company does all their design in-house  and is always trying to invent new designs to bring to life. So to get an idea of what Kona Surf Co is about, walk into one of their stores on Rio Grande Ave  and get a vibe for the brand being brought back to life.

The Kona Surf Co strives to live up to this motto. “Taking inspiration from Michael Sciarras’ journey to and from Hawaii the Kona Surf Company is on a mission to build quality products that are designed to help you follow the waves”. They thrive on making your shopping experience a memorable one and to make sure you get the best product that last as long as the stories told around them!

Author’s Note: My life has benefited tremendously from the many years of surfing and hanging out with my surfing friends. It is a positive and spiritual way of life and a good way to have the “natural high”, the waves give when breaking clean and fast. If you have never surfed, visit the Kona Stores and asked for their advice and direction. “Follow the Waves” and come to Wildwood, New jersey and have one of the best experience of your life!


Surfs Up!


Bill Flynn

Author of the book, Surfers Love Story