The Triple Crown

If you are anything like me, you’ve been glued to your computer monitor over the past week, watching every wave of the Vans World Cup of Surfing. Even right now I’m only half concentrating on the task at hand, fully entertained by the effortless style of Billabong surfers like Jack Freestone and Taj Burrow. So far the conditions have been spot on at Sunset Beach, providing the perfect proving ground for our Pros.

Every year I look forward to this event, and year after year it never disappoints. Sunset is not the kind of wave to paddle into without bringing your A game. Its a big, burly wave with very little patience for those who second guess their take off or a tube ride. You’ve got to have full confidence paddling out, or else you’ll be coming in on a stretcher.

Hawaii heavyweights like Sunny Garcia, Shane Dorian and Occy have put their time in on this wave, and it shows. BIG cutbacks, huge turns and longer than your average barrels are all characteristics that make up a seasoned Sunset surfer. But some of the younger dudes like Brian Toth and Billy Kemper are giving the old heads a run for their money. Most of the competitors are riding much longer boards than what they would normally be riding, due to the sheer size of this wave. Step up tri-fins with sharp noses and tails give way to HUGE drop ins and BIG turns, while providing stability at the same time.

All told, this is one of the most exciting stops on the Pro Tour, especially when the conditions are as good as they are right now. Do yourself a favor and tune in to the Vans website, as this will only be live for a few more days.

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