Never Compromise


As a major retailer, we at KONAsports face difficult daily decisions on which product is of the utmost quality to be housed in our store. You don’t make it over 40 years in any business by supplying sub-par product to customers. That’s why when it came to deciding on new eyewear, suppliers Kaenon (KAY-nun) were a no brainer. Kaenon sunglasses are designed in Newport Beach, CA and hand-painted in Italy.

How did Kaenon start? In 2001, two brothers took it upon themselves to create a better sunglass. They developed a proprietary polarized lens and wrapped it in unique frame styles and color treatments to suit their active lifestyles. They quickly realized, for the first time, one pair of sunglasses could fulfill both on and off the field necessary qualities. The creators of Kaenon live by one truth — Never Compromise. With this philosophy, and a steadfast commitment to their values, Kaenon has made the impossible, possible. Using their SR-91 technology, Kaenon has created a new polarized material, for its eyewear lenses, that performs in every situation.

After the superior clarity of SR-91 lenses came to light, Kaenon continued to introduce industry-altering SR-91 polarized corrective lenses. Today their prescription eyewear is produced to rigorous quality control specifications, supported by excellent customer service, and delivered promptly. All of their polarized sunglasses are warranted for one year from the date of purchase (void without proof of purchase) against breakage caused by defects in materials or manufacturing. Not to mention all SR-91 lenses come with a lifetime warranty that covers cracking or spitting of the lens at drill-mounts, or elimination of the inner polarizing film and the lens material. All this ensures your experience with Kaenon will surpass that of any other sunglass company.

Who wears Kaenon? World-class athletes ranging from sailing to golf, from baseball to fishing, have taken to Kaenon shades. Kevin Youkilis, of the Boston Red Sox, wears Kaenon’s Hardcore model. 2006 Olympic Gold medalist, alpine ski racer Julia Mancuso prefers the Burnett style of shades. Mancuso is the only American woman to win three Olympic medals (two silvers in 2010). Joining the likes of these fine athletes is also well-known cyclist Mark Weir, who has won more than 19 competitions, in addition to setting numerous records. Weir prefers the Arlo style. Join the ranks of these top-notch athletes by ordering your own pair of Kaenons from…


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