Long Surfboards

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About our Longboard Surfboards

Looking for the best board for you? Our Longboards are designed right here in our shop for local surfers just like you. Our riders have personally tested each model for the best performance for a variety of riding styles. Long Surfboards are great versatile boards, a beginner can easily learn to stand on the larger more stable deck. An experienced rider can also use a longer board for smaller surf and to "hang 10". Longboard Surfboards have been widely used since the origins of surfing. Check out our collection of longboards and get out in the water!

Which Longboard Model is Best for Me?

Here at Kona Surf Co, we carry a variety of longboard models. Here is a brief synopsis of each of our models to help you pick the best board for your riding style. We would love to get you onto the perfect board, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-858-5864 to speak with one of our surfing specialists.


Our Cruiser model is a Traditional Longboard with a wide, stable outline, a full nose, and a slight concave for nose riding. The low entry rocker and slightly rolled belly make for easy gliding. The 50/50 rails transition to a pinched out tail making this board great for trimming down the line. This is our most well rounded board, great for beginners and experts alike.

Hyper Mike

The Hyper Mike model, designed by Mike Sciarra, is more modern with a squash tail for quick release and allows for sharper turns. It still has traditional design aspects and features a 50/50 rail with increased rocker in the nose and tail. This performance board is excellent for intermediate to pro surfers looking for a more responsive longboard.


Robby Goodman designed a modern log surfboard based on the traditional log. It features a wide nose with a tear drop spoon and a wide square tail for more kick in the front and the back. The double concave under the front foot runs through the tail so you can turn on a dime and ride rail to rail. Also considered a performance longboard we recommend it for intermediate to pro surfers.


This model from Mike Owen is a traditional outline with a spooned out nose for better lift and stability while nose riding. The lower entry rocker and increased tail rocker makes for easier paddling and greater trim speed. A rounded pin tail allows for better rail to rail transition and the 2+1 fin setup make this a great performance board. intermediate to pro surfers would benefit greatly by having this longboard in your quiver.