Build Custom Surfboards

Designing your own custom surfboard

Every surfer will one day reach a peak in their level of skill that can only be surpassed with a custom surfboard. Your old stock board may have seen a lot of great waves, there's no doubting that. Stock boards are designed with a range of conditions in mind, and their tried-and-true shapes that are good for novices and experts alike. But at some point you may find that you need a board for something more specific, or catered more closely to your personal style of surfing. If you're trying to move up to the next level and feeling frustrated, it could be that your old board is holding you back. If you want to truly embrace your surfing potential, our custom-made surfboards might be just what you need. You can either choose from one of our stock shapes above and adjust the size, volume and fins to your taste, or you can design and build your own custom surfboard with one of our shapers. Why surf any old board when you can ride the waves on something built to go your speed?

Surfboard building

Mike Sciarra started shaping boards back when Kona Surf was just an idea, and we're still shaping our boards with the same care and dedication today. We have updated to new technology, now using fine precision equipment that will produce exactly what is designed. Every surfer is unique, and we at Kona Surf believe that your board should be as unique as you are. With this philosophy, we wish to partner with you and build the board that will make you shine in the water. To better visualize your new custom board, download our printable PDF surfboard order form, take out your colored pencils and start designing and coloring (the shop staff will assist you with all of the technical details). You can present your color design idea to us in person or send a copy to us digitally at Let us be the ones to help you attain the customized board of your dreams!