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About Our Soft Surfboards

We at Kona Surf Co remember what it's like to be a first time surfer and have designed our softboards with this in mind. We have personally tested each shape for maximum performance and stability. We have even incorporated more advanced shapes for intermediate and advanced surfers who miss the feel of soft foam under their feet. As the manufacturer we are in the unique position of being able to design our boards to suit a wide variety of riders at an affordable price.

Soft top surfboards are great to have for surfers of all skill levels for a variety reasons.

Foam Surfboards for Beginners

For surfers just starting out, an 8ft to 9ft foam longboard is an excellent option as a first surfboard for many reasons. They are lightweight and stable which makes them easier to paddle and much more forgiving when it comes to catching waves and standing up. Softboards are also more affordable than a normal fiberglass surfboard and extra durable so you can pass them onto a friend or family member when you've grown out of it. Soft top surfboards are great for kids too, as the soft foam construction pads your kids and the board from unwanted damage. It's a win, win!

Intermediate-Advanced Softboards

For intermediate to advanced surfers, foam surfboards are all about having fun. You can use a foam longboard for cruising on smaller waves, or a soft top fish surfboard on shallow barrels that break on the beach. You'll be more relaxed when you don't have to worry as much about the board hitting you if something goes wrong. Soft surfboards come in many different sizes and shapes. There's something for everyone and we are here to get you onto the perfect board for you.


All of our soft foam boards are heat sealed so you don't have to worry about them coming apart at the seams. They are built with an IXPE deck and inside is 2 layers of EPO and XPE. The bottoms are slick, heat laminated HDPE so the boards glide easily on the water. Our softboards have 2-3 wooden stringers for added durability. We are constantly improving our board designs and have made many improvements to our soft surfboards with ideas from our customers.