Short Surfboards

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About our Shortboard Surfboards

Our Shortboards are designed right here in our shop for advanced surfers with high performance in mind. Our riders have personally tested each model for the best performance for a variety of riding styles. When you go surfing on a short surfboard you will find that it is more difficult to paddle and ride than a longer board, but very quick to maneuver and able to perform tight turns. Because shortboard surfboards are meant for speed, they generally require steeper and more powerful waves.

Choosing the right Shortboard for you

The choices for short surfboards has greatly expanded in recent years. There are plenty of different shapes, tails and fin set ups to choose from. When looking to buy a shortboard carefully think about how often you will be riding, where you are going to find waves and be honest about your skills. If you are not sure which shape, size and board is right for you then contact our sales professionals who will be stoked to help you find your best fit. All of our models also have YouTube videos that you can watch to get a feel for the personality of the board.

Which Short Surfboard Model is Best for Me?

Here at Kona Surf Co, we carry a variety of shortboard models. Here is a brief synopsis of each of our models to help you pick the best board for your riding style. We would love to get you onto the perfect board, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-858-5864 to speak with one of our surfing specialists.

The Bullet

The Bullet is a shortboard that can give you a little bit of everything with a mid rocker that works great in smaller surf. With the round rails and thicker front, it is a fast, super fun board that can hold up in all types of conditions. Its pulled in tail makes turning easier and is suitable for any level of surfer.


The Floater's relaxed rocker with a wide nose and a wider squash tail is great for knee to head high surf.The thin rails, and single concave V in the tail makes this a versatile board that can perform in any conditions. It is set up with a five fin Futures set that allows for several different fin setups for different types of surf and styles of surfing. Recommended for intermediate to expert surfers.

Jersey Jack

The Jersey Jack packs a lot of volume into a small package. The shape is very versatile and is great for all kinds of conditions and different skill levels. It has single concave to a V out the tail and a slightly turned nose rocker making for a great all around board that can either be surfed off the rail or back tail.


The Traveler is a versatile board built for all types of surf conditions. It provides easy paddling with extra volume under the front chest and has a rounded pin tail for excellent control in tight spots and overhead waves. It has a mid rocker and double concave under the nose that gives the rider enough lift for late take offs, but still has enough flat section to create a very fast board. The Traveler's pronounced V out the tail will help you go from rail to rail with ease.