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A Short History of the Fish Surfboard:

Steve Lis is credited for creating the Fish Surfboard in 1967 but it evolved from older concepts. This board was first developed as a knee board but Lis split the tail creating the extra width needed to support the fins to make the shape a true surfboard.

Don't let this short, thick, wide-tailed and round-nosed surfboard fool you. This board is built for speed on small surf days. The small scale is easy to paddle. Plus, with the unique design you will be catching small waves while your buddies are still in the surf waiting. The Fish surfboard is perfect for the intermediate surfer transitioning from the longboard or if you want to get the most from your local break and follow the waves on a less than perfect surf day, pick up one of these and hit the beach.

Stock Fish Surfboards

Kai Fish Surfboard

The Kai Fish Surfboard has a full-round nose and a tucked-in tail for a highly functional responsive performance. The Kai Fish five fin set-up allows you to ride the surf in a quad or thruster set-up. The Kai Fish is a well-rounded intermediate surfboard that will work great in all surfing conditions.


Retro Fish Surfboard

The Retro is less curved than a traditional surfboard, giving it a more modern flat rocker. This gives the board more speed in smaller surf. The wide V-shaped tail makes it easier to turn on the waves. The Retro Fish blends updated features with classic Fish elements and is available with standard Future boxes and a set of quad fins.


Twinner Fish Surfboard

The Twinner has a flat rocker, full tail and the widest nose of all the Fish boards. The twin fin set-up is ideal for small surf. It features rounder, softer rails for a soft ride and easy turns. If you are a beginner looking to take your next step, the Twinner is a perfect transition board for intermediate surfers.