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About our Fish Surfboards

Need a board for those smaller, mushier days? A fish Surfboard is thicker and wider then your traditional shortboard, providing more float and easier paddling. Our fish surfboards have swallow tails for extra speed so you can still have fun on smaller waves. The fish surfboard is a great addition to your quiver, as it will will help you get the most from your local break. You’ll be able to go to the beach and still have fun on the days when the waves don't happen to be the best. Fish tail surfboards are a great transition from a longboard, you’ll still have the paddle power of your longboard, but now you’ll be able to use a wider range of movements.

Which Fish Surfboard Model is Best for Me?

Here at Kona Surf Co, we carry a variety of fish surfboards. Here is a brief synopsis of each of our models to help you pick the best board for your riding style. We would love to get you onto the perfect board, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-858-5864 to speak with one of our surfing specialists.

Kai Fish

The Kai Fish features a fuller nose with a tucked in tail for that added perfomance. The Kai is a highly functional board, which is fast and forgiving, while still being very responsive. With the 5 fin set up it gives you the ability to ride this as a quad or a thruster. If you are looking for a all around board that will work in all conditions then the Kai Fish is the board for you.

Retro Fish

The Retro Fish was designed with less curve throughout the board creating more speed down the line. It features a more modern rocker than your average fish with a slight Vee out the tail for easy rail to rail transition. If you're looking for a board that blends elements of the old and the new then the Retro Fish is the board for you. This board comes with standard Future boxes and a set of quad fins.

Twinner Fish

Twinner, better known as the rocket fish, has a flat rocker, full tail and a wider pointed nose. The dual fin set up will make this board difficult to ride in larger surf but it will excel in small surf. It features rounder softer egg rails to make for a softer ride and easier transitions. This board is best for novice to intermediate riders.