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Perfect Surfboards for Beginners

So you're just getting into surfing. You want to pick up a board and check out your local scene. There are so many different kinds of surfboards. Maybe you've done a little bit of research and you are seeing a lot of terms like rocker, rail and tail. You know what? Keep it simple. Your first surfboard is going to be one that helps you perfect your balance and learn how to carve a little bit. You are going to want a surfboard that has a lot of volume, meaning wide for stability, long and thick to help catch more waves. Once you've mastered paddling, catching waves, standing up and turning then you will be ready to develop your style then that is when the subtle nuances of the surfboard shapes become important.

The major factors that are going to determine which board is best for you is your weight and height. Click here to check out Kona's volume chart. This will at least give you an idea for what volume board you are going to want to shop for. Next, below are our picks that are very popular with new surfers so take that volume number and check out our recommendations. Surfing can be a ton of fun but like anything in life, you need the right tool for the job. Our experts at Kona are always super glad here to help so reach out if you need to ask any questions.

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