Creating a unique surfboard shape from scratch.

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It may be winter in South Jersey, but the only snow we’re seeing is the dusting of white foam coming off the APS-3000 Generation 5 Custom Surfboard Shaping Machine. Kona is taking decades of experience hand-shaping surfboards and paddling into the digital age. The computerized custom surfboard machine at Kona Board House is buffed out, cranked up, and turned on.

- Shape3d Surfboard Design CAD/CAM software


Together with the APS-3000 CNC surfboard shaping machine and the Shape3d Surfboard design CAD software, you can create your own totally unique surfboard shape from scratch. Any part of the surfboard from the nose to the rails to the tail can be modified down to the millimeter. The possibilities with this machine are endless for any surfboard under 12 feet. The Shape3d Software allows you to build your surfboard in a CAD / CAM graphics program specifically designed to integrate with the custom surfboard shaping machine. The program allows you to see multiple views of your custom surfboard at your fingertips; views such as the top, the cross section at any given point, the profile. Virtually any measurement, volume, width, length, rails, etc. can be modified throughout the entire surfboard. The water flow of your bottom contour can be visualized as well. Complete creative control is handed over to the surfer.


- Shape3d Water flow screenshot.


Currently there are less than 150 of these top-of-the-line surfboard shaping machines worldwide. What does that mean? It means you might say, “Dude. I have this board from 1972 that’s a ripper but I got a gnarly crease on it after an aggro dude dropped in on me.” No Problemo. We can measure and recreate that board down to the millimeter.


- APS-3000 Generation 5 Custom Surfboard Shaping Machine in action


Kona is offering a totally new service that is unique to the South Jersey area. The APS-3000 Generation 5 Custom Surfboard Shaping Machine has the ability to cut PU (polyurethane) or EPS (expanded polystyrene) blanks of any density. The machine finishes about 95% of the surfboard shaping. Having the experience of… too many years to count right now, hand-shaping custom surfboards is still extremely essential for the fine finishing details for a perfect surface finish.


- Finished Kona Surf Company Surfboard


The crazy thing is the possibilities for this application do not stop at simply shaping the surfboard, but also glassing. There are two glassing options for your surfboard: polyester resin or epoxy. Each finish has their own pros and cons. Epoxy surfboards tend to be more durable and offer greater buoyancy. Polyester surfboards tend to have more flex and offer a more comfortable ride.

Currently here at Kona, we have been cutting primarily Millennium PU blanks for our customers with an epoxy finish. Our philosophy is that you get a killer combination of flexibility from the PU core and the durable strength of an epoxy finish.


-Millennium Foam Surfboard Blanks


The bottom line – Kona Surf Co. is offering you, the surfer, an opportunity to take advantage of years of experience and the latest technology to create your magic board.

For more information on creating a custom surfboard, visit our website by clicking here.

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