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A wise man once said, “People in small towns, much more than in cities, share a destiny.” Residents of the Wildwoods, and other New Jersey beach towns like them, all … Continue reading "Cape May County: Small Towns, Big Hearts, Breeding World Class Athletes"
“Mike’s Surf Talk” Episode 4 went live! We had an exclusive Facebook Live interview with Olympic Triathlon athlete, Joe Maloy.
Citizens of the Wildwoods and frankly all coastal communities in the State of NJ live in a windy, cloudy, salty, wet, underpopulated ghost town in the winter, and most of … Continue reading "We as Watermen & Women are Forever Tied to the Sea"
“Mike’s Surf Talk” Episode 3 went live! We had an exclusive Facebook Live interview with Cape May County Local Hero Matt Szczur of the Chicago Cubs.
Philanthropy can be defined as a desire to promote the welfare of others for a specific cause, and no cause has quite touched our hearts here at Kona Surf Company … Continue reading "Kona Surf Co. Gives Back to Matt Szczur’s ‘Szcz the Day’ Foundation"
“Mike’s Surf Talk” Episode 2 went live! We welcome everyone to our second episode of Mike’s Surf Talk. Mike talked about health and the key factors that allow him to … Continue reading "“Mike’s Surf Talk” Episode 2 Went Live!"
“Mike’s Surf Talk” went live! Eposidoe 1 is about Founder Mike Sciarra and his “Original Kona Sun” logo that he had come up with in the early 70’s. This was … Continue reading "“Mike’s Surf Talk” Episode 1 Went Live!"
Introducing my third and final Sneak Peek of “Mike’s Surf Talk” where I talk about how I stay in shape so I can keep on surfing! Visit our Facebook Page
The Stoke (1/2/2017)
There comes a time in every man or woman’s life when they realize the one activity that makes them truly happy; and for the lucky some, that activity is surfing. … Continue reading "The Stoke"
Introducing my second Sneak Peek of “Mike’s Surf Talk” where I talk about my journey from surfing in Hawaii, all the way to shaping and glassing boards in my parents … Continue reading "Sneak Peek of “Mike’s Surf Talk” Part 2"